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Can you name the correct answers to the following 'Treasure Planet Jeopardy' questions?

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The ship's namesake (person)
Alien who mans the laser cannon
Jim's middle name
The scientific name of the space whales encountered
Navigator of the ship
Jim gets arrested for doing what in a restricted area
Early on the ship is almost consumed by this
Notorious pirate who amassed the treasure of 1,000 worlds
Purple fruit repeately seen in galley
Cpt. Amelia and Dr. Doppler have this many children
Trivia QuestionAnswer
Billy Bones most closely resembles what animal
Morph disguises himself as the treasure map and hides in this
As Jim remembers his father leaving him this song is playing
Jim's homeworld
Leader of the mutineers
The ship Dr. Doppler commisions
Pirate responsible for Mr.Arrow's death
Character who describes the crew as 'A ludicrous parcel of driveling galoots'
Sarah Hawkins' eating establishment
B.E.N. stands for

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