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#point totals accurate as of 4/14/2016----- *indicates players who are still active----- Primary team listed is the team the player scored the most points for.
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Primary TeamPlayerTotal Points Scored
Los Angeles Lakers38,387
Utah Jazz36,928
Los Angeles Lakers33,643*
Chicago Bulls32,292
Philadelphia Warriors31,419
Dallas Mavericks29,491*
Los Angeles Lakers28,596
Houston Rockets27,409
Washington Bullets27,313
Houston Rockets26,946
Cleveland Cavaliers26,833*
Cincinnati Royals26,710
Atlanta Hawks26,668
San Antonio Spurs26,496*
Boston Celtics26,395
Boston Celtics26,316*
Minnesota Timberwolves26,071*
Denver Nuggets25,613
Indiana Pacers25,279
Los Angeles Lakers25,192
New York Knicks24,815
Milwaukee Bucks24,505
Philadelphia 76ers24,368
Toronto Raptors23,969*
Philadelphia 76ers23,757
Boston Celtics23,334
Utah Jazz23,177
Los Angeles Lakers23,149
Denver Nuggets22,497*
Portland Trailblazers22,195
Seattle Supersonics21,813
Boston Celtics21,791
Philadelphia 76ers21,586
Atlanta Hawks20,941
St. Louis Hawks20,880
San Antonio Spurs20,790
San Antonio Spurs20,708
Sacramento Kings20,497
Miami Heat20,221*
Seattle Supersonics20,049
Washington Wizards20,042
Utah Jazz19,711
Washington Bullets19,655
Portland Trailblazers19,591
Phoenix Suns19,521
Milwaukee Bucks19,460
Atlanta Hawks19,318*
Detroit Pistons19,248
Memphis Grizzlies19,209*
Kansas City Kings19,202
Primary TeamPlayerTotal Points Scored
Los Angeles Lakers19,181
Chicago Bulls19,015
Seattle Supersonics19,004
Chicago Bulls18,940
Chicago Bulls18,831
Detroit Pistons18,822
Buffalo Braves18,787
Dallas Mavericks18,458
Syracuse Nationals18,438
Dallas Mavericks18,408*
Golden State Warriors18,395
Orlando Magic18,381
Philadelphia 76ers18,364
Miami Heat18,336
Detroit Pistons18,327
Cleveland Cavaliers17,955
Houston Rockets17,949
Atlanta Hawks17,940
Golden State Warriors17,911
San Antonio Spurs17,884*
St. Louis Hawks17,772
Detroit Pistons17,770
Los Angeles Lakers17,707
Phoenix Suns17,700
Dallas Mavericks17,623
Houston Rockets17,600
Oklahoma City Thunder17,566*
New Jersey Nets17,529
New York Knicks17,454
Phoenix Suns17,387
Boston Celtics17,335
Dallas Mavericks17,306
Seattle Supersonics17,287
Atlanta Hawks17,253
Washington Bullets17,231
Toronto Raptors17,189*
Sacramento Kings17,182
Detroit Pistons17,137
New York Knicks17,076*
Boston Celtics16,960
Los Angeles Clippers16,827*
New Jersey Nets16,784
Golden State Warriors16,712
Memphis Grizzlies16,693*
Kansas City-Omaha Kings16,481
Detroit Pistons16,409
Detroit Pistons16,401
Los Angeles Lakers16,320
New York Knicks16,297
Denver Nuggets16,278*

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