MLB's Top 100 Strikeout Leaders of All Time

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Can you name the MLB's Top 100 Strikeout Leaders of All Time

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#Totals accurate as of 10/5/2015----- *Denotes active player----- Primary team listed is the team the player had the most strikeouts while playing for.
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Primary TeamPlayerTotal Strikeouts
California Angels5,714
Seattle Mariners4,875
Boston Red Sox4,672
Philadelphia Phillies4,136
Minnesota Twins3,701
New York Mets3,640
Los Angeles Dodgers3,574
San Francisco Giants3,534
Washington Senators3,509
Atlanta Braves3,371
Atlanta Braves3,342
Chicago Cubs3,192
Boston Red Sox3,154
St. Louis Cardinals3,117
Philadelphia Phillies3,116
Atlanta Braves3,084
Detroit Tigers2,855
Detroit Tigers2,832
Baltimore Orioles2,813
Cleveland Spiders2,803
California Angels2,773
New York Mets2,668
California Angels2,610
Atlanta Braves2,607
Milwaukee Braves2,583
Cleveland Indians2,581
Cleveland Indians2,574*
New York Giants2,564
New York Mets2,556
Montreal Expos2,536
Florida Marlins2,513*
New York Giants2,507
Los Angeles Dodgers2,486
Detroit Tigers2,478
California Angels2,464
Minnesota Twins2,461
Cleveland Indians2,453
New York Yankees2,448
Seattle Mariners2,441
Boston Red Sox2,416
Boston Red Sox2,401
Los Angeles Dodgers2,397
Los Angeles Dodgers2,396
Texas Rangers2,362
Philadelphia Phillies2,357
Cleveland Indians2,334
Philadelphia Athletics2,316
San Francisco Giants2,303
New York Mets2,293
Philadelphia Athletics2,266
Primary TeamPlayerTotal Strikeouts
Philadelphia Athletics2,246
Chicago White Sox2,245
Cleveland Indians2,237*
Baltimore Orioles2,212
Toronto Blue Jays2,201
Philadelphia Phillies2,198
Oakland Athletics2,175
Minnesota Twins2,167
Boston Red Sox2,156
Montreal Expos2,149
Seattle Mariners2,142*
Toronto Blue Jays2,117
San Diego Padres2,105*
Atlanta Braves2,083
Washington Senators2,082
Atlanta Braves2,080*
Chicago Cubs2,075
Los Angeles Dodgers2,074
Brooklyn Robins2,045
Chicago Cubs2,015
Los Angeles Dodgers2,014
Arizona Diamondbacks2,013*
Oakland Athletics2,012
San Diego Padres2,000
Chicago White Sox1,999
Kansas City Royals1,994
Minnesota Twins1,988
New York Yankees1,987
Chicago Colts1,978
Washington Nationals1,976
New York Mets1,974
Los Angeles Dodgers1,969
Texas Rangers1,968
Los Angeles Angels1,965*
New York Yankees1,956
Texas Rangers1,955
New York Giants1,950
Detroit Tigers1,943*
Texas Rangers1,942
Kansas City Royals1,928
Philadelphia Phillies1,922*
Los Angeles Dodgers1,918
Los Angeles Dodgers1,907
Boston Red Sox1,901
Kansas City Royals1,887*
Oakland Athletics1,885*
Boston Beaneaters1,881
Chicago White Sox1,870*
Houston Astros1,852
New York Giants1,850

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