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Hint for first partCompound WordHint for last part
Thing you breatheAn activity involving skill in making things by hand.
Thing in Outer SpaceExamples: Guppy or Trout
What you do with a carA method of doing something
Where your spine isTo fill a suitcase or a bag
Opposite of underHow much pounds you are
WomanBee or Fly
Make a castle out of this at the beachContainer or crate
Hint for first partCompound WordHint for last part
The ball of mass which the Earth orbitsExamples: Tulip or Rose
Common type of liquidTo accidentally go down
Where stars, planets, and nebulas areA boat for transporting people or goods
12 inchesExamples: Volley or Soccer
Type of waterwayWhere you store money
Where you sleepExamples: 9:00 or 3:45
Thing that orbits the Earth with many phasesNot Heavy

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