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Military CampaignsGeneralMilitary Branch
Masterminded the invasion of Europe in WWII. Also designed an eponymous plan to aid Europe's recovery after the war. Army
Led the Pacific Campaign in WWII, and oversaw the occupation of Japan after the war. Known for his corncob pipe.Army
Served as the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe during WWII. Was the first supreme commander of NATO.Army
Oversaw the conception and growth of the Air Force. Led bombing campaigns against Japan in WWII.Army and Air Force
One of the main field commanders in North Africa and Europe during WWII. First Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.Army
Was the Governor of Puerto Rico and Ambassador to France. Planned the naval aspects of D-DayNavy
Served as a commander on both submarines and aircraft carriers during WWII. Commander-in-Chief of the US fleet.Navy
Led the Pacific Fleet in WWII where he won a series of crushing victories over Japan. Signed the Japanese surrender for the USANavy
Led the US Third Fleet in the South Pacific, and spearheaded the Guadalcanal campaignNavy

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