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First Chancellor (last name)
Germany is the third biggest consument of...
One of the biggest TV-Channels
One of the political parties in the government
Longest River of Germany
In 1989 the... fell down
Number of Neighbourcountries
Last but not least: The actual german Chancellor (last name)
In this City, the yearly 'Karlspreis' is awarded
Federal State in the South-East of Germany
Writer of germans national anthem (last name)
One of the 'new' federal states
National Holiday of Germany is in this month
FactAnswerExtra Info
He composed 'The Ring of the Nibelungs' (last name)
Germanies National Team won the World Championschip in 2007 at this sport
Most populous federal state
At July, 4th 1954 this legend scored the 3:2 against Hungary at the Soccerchampionschip in Switzerland
Capital of Germany
This team is the recordchampion of the 'Bundesliga'
He composed a song named 'Bochum'
code number
Biggest german Island
The 3 colors of the german flag
Last election of the german government was in this year
The 'Reunion Chancellor' (last name)

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