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Sherman Antitrust
Tariff of Abominations
'Black Tuesday' starts Great Depression
Three Mile Island Incident
Hindenburg disaster
Edison invents lightbulb
First Super Bowl takes place
George H.W. Bush elected
Treaty of Versailles signed
Wright Brothers' first flight
Republican Party formed
Osama bin Laden killed
Spanish American War
Battle of the Little Bighorn
Mexican American War
Garfield assassinated
Hurricane Katrina
Andrew Johnson impeached
Gulf War begins
Lusitania sinks
Al Capone begins gang warfare
'Bull Moose' party forms
Sandra Day O'Connor becomes Supreme Court Justice
Log Cabin Campaign
Prohibition ends
Era of Good Feelings
Bill Clinton impeached
Explorer 1 satellite launched into space
California Gold Rush begins
Construction of Panama Canal begins
KKK formed
Credit Mobilier scandal
John Scopes convicted in 'Monkey Trial'
Bay of Pigs invasion
American Revolution ends
Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
FDR issues Executive Order 9066
Battle at Antietam
Yellowstone National Park established
Women get right to vote
Homestead Strike
Korean War
Nixon resigns
Embargo Act
First transcontinental railroad completed

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