Kirby Air Ride Machines

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Can you name the machines from Kirby Air Ride?

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Great for cruising and gliding. No real flaws.
Good acceleration, good cornering, but a tad slow.
Slippery handling makes for tough control.
The best top speed of all! Keep moving...
Slow on the ground, but a great glider.
Charge all the way then get a super Boost!
One hit punishes foes! Fly with evil wings!
Can't charge up, but... it has good points.
Speed increases while it's in the air.
One speedy ride! But... steering can be tough.
Cruise! Stop! Cruise! Stop!
Charging up gives it fuel! It can take a beating.
Only has one wheel. Control is unorthodox.
A sturdy ride if you can handle the speed.
Jumps very high. Charge up for quick rotation.
Tilt control stick where you want to go!
Tilt control stick left or right to steer!
A prototype with upgraded flying capabilities.
A legendary machine that cuts the sky!
A legendary machine with upgraded battle power.
------ on a bike. Is he really a king?
------ with wings spread. Fear the sword!

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