Name of the Game Franchise (Part II)

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Can you name the Game Franchise (Part II)?

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Ryu, Wolverine, Jill ValentineCapcom
Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors, Mon MothmaLucasarts
Lara Croft, Pierre Dupont, Jacqueline NatlaCore Design
Nathan Hale, Rachel Parker, James GraysonInsomniac
Kratos, Zeus, AresSony Santa Monica
Captain Qwark, Chairman Drek, Dr. NefariousInsomniac
Ryu Hayabusa, Ashtar, Dagra DaiTeam Ninja
Gruntilda, Tooty, BottlesRare
Don Weaso, Panther King, BerriRare
Joanna, Elvis, CarringtonRare
Farah, Elika,the Vizier of the MaharajahUbisoft Montreal
Blinky, Pinky, ClydeNamco
AZTEC, KILLJOY, BOOMERZipper Interactive
Dante, Vergil, TrishCapcom Production Studio
Altäir, Ezio, DesmondUbisoft Montreal
Frank West, Otis, CarlitoCapcom Production Studio
Joe, Silvia, Captain BlueCapcom Production Studio
Sackboy, Sackboy, SackboyMedia Molecule
Victor Sullivan, Chloe Fraser, Elena FisherNaughty Dog
Captain Falcon, Dr. Stewart, PicoNintendo EAD
Gol Akuron, Keira, Samos the SageNaughty Dog
Harry Mason, James Sunderland, Pyramid HeadKonami
Mr. Grimm, Crimson Fury, HammerheadIncognito Entertainment
Sev, Garza, RiccoGuerilla Games
Jack, Big Daddies, Little Sisters2K
Duke, Dr. Proton, Cycloid EmperorApogee Software
Jack Lupino, Mona Sax, Nicole HorneRockstar Toronto
Cpt. Price, Soap McTavish, RoachInfinity Ward
Zooey, Louis, EllisValve
Guybrush Threepwood, Lechuck, Elaine MarleyLucasarts

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