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'Spanish Cow' in frenchForeign Language
NH4 is also known as...Chemistry
Named 'The 2nd Worst Show of All Time' by TV Guide, losing only to The Jerry Springer ShowTV
From 'Apocolpyse Now': Charlie don't...Movie Quotes
Distance run in a 5k race, in milesMath
The beloved country, as in 'Cry, The'Literature
Well-known mashup artist known for albums 'Feed The Animals' and 'Night Ripper'Music
Developer of the first Polio vaccineMedicine
The third derivative of position, if velocity is the first.Physics
Capital of AustraliaGeography
I am blatantly ripping off which other user-created Sporcle quiz for one of the joke answers?Sporcle
The most recent Conservative PM of the United KingdomBritish Government
Production company owned by JJ AbramsTV and Film
OK, you're a goon... but what's a goon to a???
National chain of health clubs based in MinnesotaBusiness
Just write a number. Any number, any number and you win.Just For Fun!
Largest stadium in the USA that is not the home field of a football teamSports
Unique musical instrument used in Del Shannon's 'Runaway'Music
Date of Leif Erikson Day in the United StatesHolidays
Dog breed whose name translates to 'Lion Dog'Animals
Former New York Giants RB, Victim of Heisman CurseSports
Founder of ScientologyReligion

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