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Can you name the surnames that end in -ER and have an occupational origin?

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Maker of footwear
Operator of machinery to grind grain or other products
One who interlaces thread or strips to form fabric or material
Master of a shipThink Gilligan's Island
Maker of arrows
Knight or chevalieri.e. John of Three's Company
Maker of thick, braided cords
Gate or doorkeeper, or one who carries loadsi.e. Cole of American Music
One who makes and sells bread, cake, etc
One who uses a bow and arrow
One who kills animals for a butcheri.e. Sergeant of WWF Fame
Defender of meni.e. Jason of Seinfeld
Shopkeeper or peddleri.e. Cosmo of Seinfeld
One who tends plants
One who catches cold-blooded, aquatic vertebrates
One who tracks and kills game for food
One who coats surfaces with decorative or protective colorants
One who cuts hair and shaves beards
Maker or seller of candles
Wagon maker or driver
One who slaughters and dresses animals for market
One employed in housing and feeding horses or cattlei.e. Detective Elliot of Law & Order:SVU
Maker of earthen vessels
Tavern or inn keeperi.e. Freddy of Nightmare on Elm Street
Transporter of goods by two wheeled vehiclei.e. Jimmy of US History
HairdresserThink Cheers
Town magistrate or governori.e. John of American Music
Builder or repairer of wooden structures
Player of a certain large, upright, stringed instrumenti.e. Ron of NBA Fame
Cask or barrel makeri.e. D.B. of Hijacking Fame
One who uses a lathe to make objects of wood or metali.e. Ted of TBS
Maker of malt liquor
One who supplies or fetches bottles, specifically of wineThink Mr. Belvedere
One who practices agriculture
Manager of a feudal estatei.e. Herbert of US History
Maker of saddles
Iron cutter or mineri.e. Dwight of US History
One in charge of a storehouse of graini.e. Jennifer of Alias
One who compels or urges something to movei.e. Minnie of Good Will Hunting
Sculptor of wood or stone
One who fits the cord on a bow
Maker of circular frames with connective axles
One who saws wood
Maker or seller of hand coveringsi.e. Danny of Lethal Weapon
One who converts skins and hides into leather
One who watches over wildlife at a parki.e. Kurt of NFL Fame
Keeper of an area of land designated for recreational or natural usei.e. Dorothy of American Literature
Tailori.e. Duke of MLB Fame
Maker of grass or straw roofsi.e. Margaret of UK History
Officer who inspects a piece of land on footi.e. Herschel of NFL Fame
Steward of a householdi.e. Diana of UK History
Pilgrim or crusaderi.e. Carson of NFL Fame

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