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Description of TermAnatomical Terminology
Further away from the torso
To move away from the middle of the body
Away from the midline of the body
To straighten a joint
The back side of a body
To move towards the middle of the body
Towards the tail or coccyx
To bend a joint
Away from the head
Lying on one’s front
To rotate the palm to the same side as the bicep
The inside of a hollow object
Closer to the torso
Description of TermAnatomical Terminology
To pull up with your toes
To push down with your toes
Positioned lying on one’s back
To rotate the palm to the same side as the posterior elbow
The belly side of a body
Towards the head
Further away from the surface
Towards the front of the body
The outside of a hollow object
Standing erect, facing the observer, arms are at the sides with palms facing forward.
Towards the rear of the body
Closer to the surface
Towards the midline of the body

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