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(Song) Oh...Who lives in a...
Who was Harry's first kiss?
I solemnly swear..
Half-blood prince
Who says, That still only counts as one!
(Who says) Shall I describe it to you or would you like me to find you a box?
In Zoria's Domain, what is the name of the princess your trying to find?
(Family guy) Haven't you heard about...
(Clevland) And boom goes the
What is the main ingredient to Harry's wand?
(Who is Harry talking to?) Just promise me one thing...Never try to save my life again.
Link's little winged guardian
(Name) Just passing threw, see anything you like speak up.
You can't have pie without...
The name of Gandalf's Horse
In SpongeBob, when will the bomb that he supposively ate will explode when it hits his...
What type of dragon does Harry face in the Triwizard tourney? (2 words, H.H.)
In Quidditch, what nation did Viktor Krum play for?
Who teaches SpongeBob to tie his shoes?
A mythical creater that takes on the shape of what you fear the most

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