Weakest pokemon moves of types

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Can you name the weakest pokemon moves that do damage?

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Move TypeMove NameHint
BugDoesn't get stronger after every use
DarkHelp me, other party pokemon!
DragonHits flying opponents
ElectricLooks different in every gen
FightingOne, two, three!
FireIt's a trap!
FlyingWhy can goldeen learn this?
GhostMay paralzye
GrassI bet this can't hit more than 2-5 times
Move TypeMove NameHint
GroundIt's a trap!
IceI bet you CAN hit 2-5 times
NormalAlso a trap.
PoisonRight when you think it won't poison you, it does.
PsychicWait, what?
RockHarder, better, faster, stronger.
WaterYet another trap!

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