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Vertebrates have sharp senses and _____ ______.
Invertebrates that have no shells, legs, or eyes.
Do not grow to be ____.
Invertebrates with legs and jointed bodies.
Group of Arthropods with 8 legs.
Example of Bird: Penguins, Eagles, ____
Example of Mammal: Bears, Cats, Dogs, ______
Animals with backbones.
_________- the act of grouping things by a set of rules.
Name 2 things classification makes easier.
Vertebrates that have moist skin, no scales, and begins life in water and live as adults on land.
Many cells, feed on living or once living things.
Group of Arthropods with 6 legs.
Two examples of nonvascular plants.
Vertebrates that spend their whole lives in water and have scales.
Smallest classification group.
Many cells, make their own food.
Invertebrates with soft bodies that may or may not have a hard outer shell.
Any plant that has flowers or _____ is vascular.
_____ are another type of vacular plant.
One cell, no nucleus.
______ (grows on bare rock)
Most have one cell, has a nucleus.
Vascular plants grow quite ____.
Example of Fish: Tuna, Trout, Salmon, ____ ____
Example of Amphibian: Frogs, Newts, Salamanders, _____
Water moves from ____ to ____ (same word) in a nonvascular plant.
Example of Reptile: Snakes, Lizards, Alligators, _______
They live in ____ places.
Most have many cells, can't make their own food.
Vertebrates that have dry, scaly skin.
_________- the largest group into which living things can be classified.
Plants that do not have tubes and water must soak into the plant.
All ______ _______ can be classified into one of the five kingdoms.
Vertebrates that have wings and feathers.
Second-smallest classification group.
Plants that have tubes that can be found in roots, stems, and leaves.
Vertebrates that have hair and produce milk for their young.
Animals without backbones.

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