Science Chapter 2: Classifying Living Things

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Most have one cell, has a nucleus.
Smallest classification group.
Vascular plants grow quite ____.
Example of Mammal: Bears, Cats, Dogs, ______
Vertebrates have sharp senses and _____ ______.
Name 2 things classification makes easier.
Example of Reptile: Snakes, Lizards, Alligators, _______
_________- the act of grouping things by a set of rules.
Vertebrates that have hair and produce milk for their young.
Invertebrates with legs and jointed bodies.
Any plant that has flowers or _____ is vascular.
Many cells, make their own food.
Second-smallest classification group.
Do not grow to be ____.
Vertebrates that have moist skin, no scales, and begins life in water and live as adults on land.
_________- the largest group into which living things can be classified.
Plants that do not have tubes and water must soak into the plant.
Group of Arthropods with 8 legs.
_____ are another type of vacular plant.
Vertebrates that spend their whole lives in water and have scales.
Example of Fish: Tuna, Trout, Salmon, ____ ____
Animals with backbones.
Animals without backbones.
Example of Amphibian: Frogs, Newts, Salamanders, _____
Vertebrates that have wings and feathers.
Many cells, feed on living or once living things.
They live in ____ places.
One cell, no nucleus.
Water moves from ____ to ____ (same word) in a nonvascular plant.
Example of Bird: Penguins, Eagles, ____
Invertebrates that have no shells, legs, or eyes.
Vertebrates that have dry, scaly skin.
Most have many cells, can't make their own food.
All ______ _______ can be classified into one of the five kingdoms.
______ (grows on bare rock)
Plants that have tubes that can be found in roots, stems, and leaves.
Invertebrates with soft bodies that may or may not have a hard outer shell.
Group of Arthropods with 6 legs.
Two examples of nonvascular plants.

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