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Hide from your heart here in the arms of wanting
In this world the gods have lost their way
How can the wind with its arms all around me?
Forty-second screamdown
She was using the landscape to hide herself
Slay them! Burn their children's passion on to hell
And I hear him on the radio
Your singular eye
Send, ascending to the future
No mutant enemy we shall certify
He controlled the horses
Star Song Age Less
To return to the center
Pacifica, Antarctica
I can hear you singing every minute
Be ready to be loved
Roundabout sounding out love you so
Portrait a man of the past
No toffee apples, no clowns
Like a ghost on the skyline
You might need a guide
Lost in pages of paperwork
Lead me on into the dawn
We began at the first real spring
Lyric SampleSong
Words never spoken are the strongest resounding
And you are spacey
It's good, clear syncopation
Run another fourth-dimension dream
Surely, Surely
Does it matter if you broke this spell?
Tell the March-hare
One people, together
He stopped the milk
It's just the same damn reason
Head into the headlights
Naytheet Ah Kin Saule Tonatiuh Qurax Gunes Grian
Because she's strung out on crack time
Soul mark, mover, Christian, changer
You must be putting me on
I remain the central feature
Last to lie and lady ten
When the joker forgets his lines
Starlight flowering endlessly
So the bluebird will fly
Fly, fly, fly by night
Activate this mission to be on the same timeline
My eyes see the coming revolution
Night has come at last to shine on you
Lyric SampleSong
Our own ecology
So take your time, look round and see
The lord of might Tiequitor Icoloram
Simplicity everyone knows
We only know we come with sound
How are they supposed to get ready?
Releasing our fear of the unknown
Wondering where lights go
An egg to proud to rape
Be gone, you ever-piercing power play machine
We love when we play
Speaking happy words of promise
Dantalion will ride again
Send flowered rainbows
Do you see the same things everyday?
Let the children split the atom
Only to find out the Master's name
We hold the key to all the answers
Drown in stylistic audacity
Shining flying purple wolf-hound
That's what your presence means to me
Nine tribesmen stand alone

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