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Yes, it is creepy/to dream of your daughter's friend./Rose petals don't help.
British couple weds./Decides to spend honeymoon/on the Titanic.
A black detective/helps solve a southern murder./Call him Mr. Tibbs!
Bar owner's in love,/but girl's already married./They still have Paris.
Rich man marries girl./Housekeeper loved his first wife./But did he kill her?
Kissing on the beach./Trying to get man to box./Bombing Pearl Harbor.
War comes to London,/disrupts a family's life,/but they remain strong.
Odd British soldier/leads Arabs in rebellion./Motorcycle death.
A small-time con man/mistakenly steals from mob./Big-time con man now.
Jack and David fight/at war and over a girl./Then tragedy strikes.
A big circus troupe/gets involved in a train wreck./James Stewart's a clown?
Eastwood won't train girls,/but this one's so persistent/he's left with no choice.
Loud-mouthed general/wants to reach Messina first./Controversial man.
Failed relationship,/exaggerated flashbacks./She says, 'La-di-da.'
Underdog boxer/gets to fight the champion./What? He's really good?
Detective chases/group of narcotics smugglers./Bad guy hijacks train.
If not for thrown fight,/could have been a contender./But it's too late now.
The Brits killed his wife;/obviously he fights them./Last word is 'Freedom!'
Two sisters both want/to act and have the same man./First talkie winner.
Everyone's racist./Random people's lives collide./No one's innocent.
The Vietnam War/involving Russian Roulette./Also Meryl Streep.
Little boy grows up/in poor Welsh coal-mining town./Beat Citizen Kane.
Bing Crosby's a priest,/teaches delinquents to sing./Old priest comes around.
British man wins bet/due to technicality:/crosses the date line.
Charlie Sheen in 'Nam/watches lots of people die./War is really bad.
Husband is a jerk./Streep falls in love with Redford,/who won't settle down.
Crime family head;/you can't refuse his offers/or he'll kill your horse.
Did he kill Mozart?/Jealous of rival's talent,/helped write requiem.
French writer becomes/famous, defends innocent/accused army spy.
The prince of Denmark/really misses his father./Should he be or not?
Man steals drug money,/hunted by guy with bolt gun./Sheriff is worn out.
Boy tries suicide./Brother died but he survived./Parents resent him.
Two New York gangs fight./Boy loves girl from other gang./They dance, sing, and die.
British man can't wed/the girl of his dreams until/his real mom's revealed.
Woman leaves her kid./Dad becomes responsible./Now mom wants kid back.
Yancey Cravat wants/Native American rights./Neglects family.
Criminal's insane?/Hospital instead of jail./But never gets out.
Nun-turned-governess/teaches seven kids to sing./They escape Nazis.
Little boy's in charge,/but his country is changing./Later emprisoned.
Why are you single?/Get married! Oh, found a girl?/No, don't get married!
Complicated Nazi/saves concentration camp Jews,/wishes he'd done more.
Two British runners/make it to the Olympics./One can't race Sunday.
Stage-struck young woman/kills boyfriend, gets good lawyer,/ignores her husband.
Three come home from war/to families they don't know,/one without his hands.
Rose is rich, Jack's poor./They fall in love anyway./Ill-fated voyage.
Man lends his dwelling/so bosses can have affairs./Then he falls in love.
Sequel and prequel./Man takes over family;/his father grows up.
Alcoholic Don/intends to finish his book/after just one drink.
Nurse treats burn victim/who is plagued by memories;/end of World War II.
Gene Kelly dances,/then falls in love with Caron./They dance together.
Corruption abounds/when Stark rises to power./Writer's not impressed.
Old southern lady/reluctantly hires chauffeur,/develops friendship.
Sir Thomas More/thinks king should not get divorced./King is really mad.
DiCaprio spies,/while Damon's a counter-spy./Too many f-bombs.
Greta Garbo wants/to be alone, but Baron/refuses to leave.
Stammering royal/gets help before taking throne,/makes Australian friend.
Man says he's Jewish,/finds more anti-semetic/people than he thought.
Poor Indian boy/tries to find girl on gameshow./Wins lots of money.
Eastwood's hired to kill./Hackman confiscates his gun,/kills Morgan Freeman.
Gable finds heiress/running away from father;/learns how to hitchhike.
Cockney flower girl/learns to speak proper English,/passes for princess.
Gondor must rally,/but Frodo's their only hope./Can he finish it?
Mom and daughter fight./Daugher rushes to marry./Three kids and cancer.
Women cannot act,/so she disguises herself./Then falls for playwright.
A British orphan/just wants a little more food,/and sings about it.
Eve steals Margo's fame./What goes around comes around./Will Phoebe be next?
Emperor's murdered./Loyal soldier becomes slave,/fights for his revenge.
Freedom from British/is won by non-violence/thanks to this leader.
Prisoners of war/build a bridge for Japanese./Then they blow it up.
Musical numbers/show off famous man's talent/before Depression.
A slow southern man/influences history,/tries to find his girl.
Crazy family,/girl falls in love with her boss./His parents say no.
Creepy cannibal/helps catch serial killer,/then escapes prison.
Young German soldiers/who enlist in World War I/are disillusioned.
New bomb squad leader/takes unnecessary risks./Yes, war is a drug.
Army lieutenant/joins Native Americans,/marries Sioux woman.
Fletcher Christian leads/rebellion against captain;/goes to Tahiti.
Texan in New York/wants to become a hustler./Doesn't really work.
Brilliant math student/becomes teacher, gets married./Then weird stuff happens...
A French girl is trained/to become a courtesan./Gaston proposes.
Tom Cruise finds brother,/definitely abducts him,/wants inheritance.
A slave wants revenge,/works to gain his own freedom,/wins chariot race.
Strong-minded woman/finally knows who she loves./But frankly my dear...

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