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It's not BadFest
Our source of common knowledge
Fucks us every Monday
The game where everything is wrong except the answer I'm thinking of
Number of ways you can bake a cake
He goes to Nebraska or something.
Next season's team name
2009 PHT champions
It's not BestFest
A perfect score at PHT (not counting 2-point bonuses)
The waitresses are SO MUCH HOTTER here
How good we are
PHT God and Super Bowl XXXV Champion
The 2009 champion's team name in 2010
The X-factor
Delivers the ranch
Chad's favorite appetizer
How often we play Monopoly
Alternate team name used when only Colin and Chad are present
Formerly known as:
Blue-finned justice?
Team name inspired by The Passion?
It's always funny, and never gross.
Breakdancing trivia rivals?
Bill and Colin's German cuisine franchise
The most commonly submitted PHT answer
Receives extra ham every Monday
A robotic source of potassium?
He would have rode the scooter around town
Alternate team name used when only Colin, Drew, and Chad are present
Can't be on the team because he hits Drew in the head too much
The closest state to Africa
It's not YouFest
Would marry Colin if not otherwise involved
Who ACTUALLY sings Play that Funky Music
A necessity during Come On Eileen
It's not Killfest
Only man to ever have gotten a girl's number at PHT.
His mom is a saint
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