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Can you name the top memes and inside jokes of Brew Crew Ball?

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People might see this quiz. What should I do?
How much of Ramirez's value came in the last two months?
Lucroy lacks defensive and offenseive prowess. Who should we trade him for
The seedier side of Brewer discussion.
A Brewer just hit a home run!
Our favorite commenter who prefers ERA and pitcher wins.
Brewers need a rally. Release the _____
Brewers need to kill a rally. Who comes to the rescue?
Rickie is a _____
You have no _____
If you put forth a Yuni-esque effort, you _____'d it
One word description for punching someone in the crotch
You celebrated misfortunate befalling another team. Karma's come back to bite. Way to _____ it.
Number 33 in the 'better than Yuni' shortstop list
Violatin' the posting guide?
It's fate that we have to hear this song every commercial break
Take a walk.
The 25th man on the Brewers roster/last pitcher out of the bullpen.
Pirates provocative pitching coach.
Every Brewers pitcher lacks this
Get a brain
Brewers shouldn't pitch inside on Cardinals...think of all the ____ ___
Where's Corey Hart the best at catching balls?
What's the best way to learn from a pitching coach?
That's a ridiculous tattoo.
Real money isn't funny. We should pay Kyle Lohse in

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