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Description Character
Main Character
Senator in Season 1 later became President
Killed Main Character's Wife
Appeared in 115 Episodes 3rd most episodes out of any cast member.
CTU Head Analyst
Died From Syntox Nerve Gas
Killed in Season 5 Explosion in opening minutes
Main Character's Daughter
Was in first 7 seasons as a secret service agent.
Former President Turned Villan
Kim's Boyfriend in Season 3
Regional Division Director of CTU Killed by Jack
President in Season 7 and 8
CTU Member who was dying of radiation and flew plane into ground which had bomb in it.
Terrorist in season 4 appeared in 18 episodes
Main Character's Wife
President of IRK in season 8
Season 3 Head Terrorist who released Cordilla virus
Description Character
Appeared in 53 Episodes was in seasons 4, 5 and 6.
Was the Secretary of Defense under President John Keeler
Appeared in Seasons 7 as FBI Agent and Season 8 as an Undercover Operation was killed
CTU Head Analyst Husband appeared in 29 Episodes
Portrayed By James Morrison appeared in 64 Episodes
Chief of Staff for Senator in Season 1
In Season 6 the CTU Agent who was Killed by Main Character when holding terrorist hostage
CTU Director of Field Operations Season 8
President in Season 6 gets severely injured
Former wife of Season 2 President
CTU analyst who was brought back in season 6 after appearing in season 1
Season 3 analyst who is killed when Cordilla Virus in released in the hotel.
Worked for the President of Season 7 and 8 as Secretary of Homeland Security
Responsible for the death of question #7 appeared in season 5 for 11 episodes
Worked for CTU and married question # 23 character
Was the Secreatary of defense for the President in season # 6 and White House Chief of Staff for the President in season 7 and 8
Appeared in 25 episodes. Was in seasons 2 and 3, also played main character's love interest.

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