WoW Zones by Quests

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Can you name the World of Warcraft zones from the given quests?

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Overlord / Preparing the Salve / Mission: The Abyssal Shelf
Basic Chemistry / Battle Before the Citadel / Tirion's Gambit
The Battle of Darrowshire / Hameya's Plea / Crypt Fiend Parts
Minions of the Shadow Council / Picking Up The Pieces... / Zuluhed the Whacked
The Air Strike Must Continue / Know Your Ley Lines / Keeping the Enemy at Bay
The Archmage's Staff / Wanted: Annihilator Servo! / You, Robot
Keep Them At Bay / Scourgekabob / Voices From the Dust
Lost in Battle / Counterattack! / Wisdom of Agamaggan
Bombing Run / Picking Up Some Power Converters / The Hound-Master
Bring Me The Egg! / Corki's Ransome / The Ring of Blood
Check Up on Tabetha / Justice Dispensed / Nat's Bargain
It's a Secret to Everybody / The Northern Pylon / Bloodpetal Sprouts
A Cleansing Song / Reclamation / The Great Hunter's Challenge
Frostmourne Cavern / Gaining An Audience / Really Big Worm
Ancient Relics / Mending Fences / The Brothers Bronzebeard
Bad Medicine / Chapter IV / Arena Grandmaster
Hints of a New Plague / Elixir of Agony / Helcular's Revenge
Deadwood Rituial Totem / The Corruption of the Jadefire / Purified!
What the Flux? / Incendosaurs? Whateverosaur is More Like It / Curse These Fat Fingers!
Are We There, Yeti? / Winterfall Firewater / Enraged Wildkin

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