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Can you name the people and places in Discworld?

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CluePerson/PlaceExtra Info
The Great Wizzard
The Disc's first tourist
It follows the tourist everywhere
The Archchancellor (post 'Sourcery')
Commander of the Watch
Captain of the Watch (after #5 gets promoted)
Sergeant (or Sergeant Major) of the Watch
Corporal of the Watch (and #7's sidekick)
First 'W' word in the Watch
The Patrician
The Local Street Merchant
The Patrician's Secretary
CluePerson/PlaceExtra Info
The City State where you can find these people (usually)
The river that runs through it
The Home of the gods of the Disc
The Sky Turtle
The High Country, where the witches live
Of the three (or four) witches- The (1st) Maiden
The (2nd) Maiden (replacing the 1st)
The Mother
The (ahem) Other One
The King of said High Country
'Give the little doggy a sausage? Bark!'
He's the final word in all things

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