Pokémon HM Locations

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Can you name the HM Locations on all the Pokémon Games?

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Game - HMLocation
R/B/Y/LG/FR - HM01 Cut
R/B/Y/LG/FR - HM02 Fly
R/B/Y/LG/FR - HM03 Surf
R/B/Y/LG/FR - HM04 Strength
R/B/Y/LG/FR - HM05 Flash
G/S/C/HG/SS - HM01 Cut
G/S/C/HG/SS - HM02 Fly
G/S/C/HG/SS - HM03 Surf
G/S/C - HM04 Strength
G/S/C - HM05 Flash
G/S/C - HM06 Whirlpool
G/S/C/HG/SS - HM07 Waterfall
R/B/E - HM01 Cut
R/B/E - HM02 Fly
R/B/E - HM03 Surf
R/B/E - HM04 Strength
R/B/E - HM05 Flash
R/B/E - HM06 Rock Smash
R/B- HM07 Waterfall
R/B/E - HM08 Dive
E - HM07 Waterfall
LG/FR - HM06 Rock Smash
LG/FR - HM07 Waterfall
D/P/Pt - HM01 Cut
Game - HMLocation
D/P/Pt - HM02 Fly
D/P/Pt - HM03 Surf
D/P - HM04 Strength
D/P - HM05 Defog
D/P/Pt - HM06 Rock Smash
D/P/Pt - HM07 Waterfall
D/P/Pt - HM08 Rock Climb
Pt - HM04 Strength
Pt - HM05 Defog
HG/SS - HM04 Strength
HG/SS - HM05 Whirlpool
HG/SS - HM06 Rock Smash
HG/SS - HM08 Rock Climb
B/W - HM01 Cut
B/W - HM02 Fly
B/W - HM03 Surf
B/W - HM04 Strength
B/W - HM05 Waterfall
B/W/B2/W2 - HM06 Dive
B2/W2 - HM01 Cut
B2/W2 - HM02 Fly
B2/W2 - HM03 Surf
B2/W2 - HM04 Strength
B2/W2 - HM05 Waterfall

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