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Can you name the Pokémon what their names mean?

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Name MeaningPokémon
Earth Tortoise
Mammoth Pig
Samurai Otter
Moon Stone
Baby Manta Ray
Relic Coelacanth
Spinning Arachnid
Gnawing Crocodile
Electric Tarantula
Magic Carp
Goldfish Queen
Mega Geranium
Erupting Camel
Octopus Artillery
Combusting Chicken
Name MeaningPokémon
Vigo(u)rous Sloth
Wasp Queen
Fire Salamander
Durable Ant
Air Pterodactyl
Generated Insect
Musical Cricket
Venomous Centipede
Female Worm
Electric Lighthouse
King Dragon
Pidgeon Dove
Blasting Tortoise
Carnivorous Piranha
Molten Three

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