Elite Four Pokémon (All Gens)

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Can you name the Pokémon that any Elite Four/Champion has in all Generations?

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Trainer (Generations, Game)PokémonInfo
Lorelei (I,III)Water/Ice, 1st Pokémon
Lorelei (I,III)Water/Ice
Lorelei (I,III)Ice/Psychic
Lorelei (I,III)Water/Psychic
Lorelei (I,III)Water/Ice, Best Pokémon
Bruno (I,II,III,IV)Rock/Ground
Bruno (I,II,III,IV)Fighting, Puncher
Bruno (I,II,III,IV)Fighting, Kicker
Bruno (I,II,III,IV)Fighting, Best Pokémon
Bruno (I,III)Rock/Ground
Agatha (I,III)Ghost/Poison, 1st Pokémon
Agatha (I,III)Poison
Agatha (I,III)Poison/Flying
Agatha (I,III)Ghost/Poison
Agatha (I,III)Ghost/Poison, Best Pokémon
Lance (I,II,III,IV)Water/Flying
Lance (I,III)Dragon
Lance (I,III)Dragon
Lance (I,II,III,IV)Rock/Flying
Lance (I,II,III,IV)Fire/Flying
Rival (III only)Normal/Flying, 1st Pokémon
Rival (III)Psychic
Rival (III)Ground/Rock
Rival (III)Grass/Poison, Best Pokémon
Rival (III)Fire/Flying, Best Pokémon
Rival (III)Water, Best Pokémon
Rival (III)Grass/Psychic
Rival (III)Fire
Rival (III)Water/Flying
Will (II,IV)Psychic/Flying, 1st Pokémon
Will (II,IV)Water/Psychic
Will (II,IV)Grass/Psychic
Will (II,IV)Ice/Psychic
Will (II,IV)Psychic Flying
Koga (II,IV)Bug/Poison, 1st Pokémon
Koga (II,IV)Bug/Steel
Koga (II,IV)Poison
Koga (II,IV)Poison/Flying
Koga (II,IV)Bug Poison
Bruno (II,IV)Fighting, 1st Pokémon
Karen (II,IV)Dark, 1st Pokémon
Karen (II,IV)Ghost/Poison
Karen (II,IV)Dark/Flying
Karen (II,IV)Grass/Poison
Karen (II,IV)Fire/Dark
Lance (II,IV)Dragon/Flying
Lance (II,IV)Dragon/Flying
Lance (II,IV)Dragon/Flying
Sydney (III)Dark, 1st Pokémon
Trainer (Generations, Game)PokémonInfo
Sydney (III)Dark
Sydney (III)Grass/Dark
Sydney (III RS)Water/Dark
Sydney (III E)Water/Dark
Sydney (III)Grass/Dark, = Best Pokémon
Phoebe (III)Ghost, 1st Pokémon
Phoebe (III)Ghost, Best Pokémon
Phoebe (III)Ghost
Phoebe (III)Ghost
Phoebe (III)Ghost/Dark
Glacia (III)Ice, 1st Pokémon
Glacia (III)Water/Ice
Glacia (III)Water/Ice
Glacia (III)Water/Ice, Best Pokémon
Glacia (III)Ice
Drake (III)Dragon
Drake (III)Ground/Dragon
Drake (III RS)Ground/Dragon
Drake (III E)Water/Dragon
Drake (III)Dragon/Flying
Drake (III)Dragon/Flying, Best Pokémon
Steven (III RS)Steel/Flying
Steven (III RS)Steel/Rock
Steven (III RS)Grass/Rock
Steven (III RS)Bug/Rock
Steven (III RS)Ground/Psychic
Steven (III RS)Steel/Psychic
Wallace (III E)Water, 1st Pokémon
Wallace (III E)Water/Poison
Wallace (III E)Water, Best Pokémon
Wallace (III E)Water/Ground
Wallace (III E)Grass/Water
Wallace (III E)Water/Flying
Aaron (IV DP)Bug/Poison, 1st Pokémon
Aaron (IV Pla)Bug/Flying, 1st Pokémon
Aaron (IV Pla)Bug/Steel
Aaron (IV DP)Bug/Flying
Aaron (IV )Bug/Fighting
Aaron (IV )Bug/Flying, Always Female
Aaron (IV )Poison/Dark
Bertha (IV DP)Water/Ground, 1st Pokémon
Bertha (IV)Water/Ground
Bertha (IV Pla)Ground/Flying
Bertha (IV)Rock/Ground
Bertha (IV Pla)Ground/Rock
Bertha (IV)Ground
Bertha (IV DP)Rock
Flint (IV)Fire, DP 1st Pokémon
Flint (Pla)Fire/Dark
Trainer (Generations, Game)PokémonInfo
Flint (IV)Fire/Fighting
Flint (IV DP)Ghost/Flying
Flint (IV Pla)Fire
Flint (IV Pla)Fire, Best Pokémon
Flint (IV DP)Normal
Flint (IV DP)Ground/Steel
Lucian (IV)Psychic, 1st Pokémon
Lucian (IV Pla)Psychic
Lucian (IV DP)Normal/Psychic
Lucian (IV)Steel/Psychic
Lucian (IV)Psychic
Lucian (IV Pla)Psychic/Fighting
Lucian (IV DP)Fighting/Psychic
Cynthia (IV)Ghost/Dark
Cynthia (IV)Steel/Fighting
Cynthia (IV Pla)Normal/Flying
Cynthia (IV DP)Water/Ground
Cynthia (IV)Grass/Poison
Cynthia (IV)Water
Cynthia (IV)Dragon/Ground
Shauntal (V)Ghost, 1st Pokémon
Shauntal (V)Water/Ghost
Shauntal (V)Fire/Ghost
Shauntal (V)Ground/Ghost
Grimsley (V)Dark/Fighting
Grimsley (V)Steel/Dark
Grimsley (V)Ground/Dark
Grimsley (V)Dark
Marshal (V)Fighting, 1st Pokémon
Marshal (V)Fighting
Marshal (V)Fighting, Best Pokémon
Marshal (V)Fighting
Caitlan (V)Psychic, 1st Pokémon
Caitlan (V)Psychic
Caitlan (V)Psychic, Best Pokémon
Caitlan (V)Psychic/Flying
Team Plasma N (V B)Dragon/Electric, 1st Pokémon
Team Plasma N (V W)Dragon/Fire, 1st Pokémon
Team Plasma N (V)Rock/Water
Team Plasma N (V)Rock/Flying
Team Plasma N (V)Ice
Team Plasma N (V)Dark
Team Plasma N (V)Steel
Adler (V)Bug, 1st Pokemon
Adler (V)Normal
Adler (V)Dragon
Adler (V)Ice
Adler (V)Bug/Steel
Adler (V)Bug/Fire

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