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Noble One
Noble Two
Noble Three
Noble Four
Noble Five
First Campaign Mission
Second Campaign Mission
Who do they find?
Third Campaign Mission
Fourth Campaign Mission
What discovery is made?
Fifth Campaign Mission
What is the giant covenant structure Noble Team takes out
What shows up after it is destroyed?
Sixth Campaign Mission
What do you have to defend?
What do you board?
Who is the first spartan to die?
Seventh Campaign Mission
What is the city you enter?
Eight Campaign Mission
What vehicle do you fly?
What do the Covenant start doing to Reach?
Who is the second spartan to die?
From what gun?
Where did it hit him/her?
Ninth Campaign Mission
Where do you come back to?
Who's lab do you have to defend?
What is the package?
Tenth Campaign Mission
What is your main objective?
What enemy do you find for the first time in the game?
What ship are you trying to board?
Who is the next to die?
What does he/she destroy with the pelican?
Who dies next?
Who kills him?
With what?
Who does he take with him?
Eleventh Campaign Mission
Who is the only spartan left alive?
What is his main objective?
What does he do before he dies?
Who kills him?
With what?
How many times was he stabbed?
When did the first part of the campaign take place?
When did Noble Six die?
When does Halsey say that we can rebuild on Reach?
Who is on the Pillar of Autumn?

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