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'Guardian Council'
The current spy from math club (has dual officership)
Eviler dark-side (physics) version of Stephanie
MIT nerd, knew earth science
Awesome at photography
will shave his head if we win 1st at every event
Freebie (just type in '2010')
'CEO' of ____land
General Science nerd
Never misspell her whole first name, but you can shorten it to 4 letters....
Scioly Protein Modeler that went to PUMaC 2007
causative agents!
King Yoa
Has the best perfect pitch in science club
geography beast
name sounds like x-cheetah, sing!
Chess king
Any device he touches would fail at invitationals....except for the ones that didn't break.
the sofa :D
the pilot
smart bio math freshie
always gets golds at scioly
Computer science nerd
corrupt hacker
DescriptionNameMore info
One of the loyal chicken activists. KFC chicken
innocent Indian math nerd. Co-funds the math clan with Peter.
Science Bowl King
the empress of the Qin dynasty
bio freshie in science bowl
Former AP grader
'(don't) vote for me, guys!'
the hard-working triumvir
sophomore math girl genius
the Commander of the 'Armed Forces'
Assimilated into Nordland
hosts the end of year parties every year
Superduper chem nerd
from the Zhou Dynasty
Homecoming King
Awesome biology goddess
a freshie that is full of win
astronomy nerd
the last of the Ku dynasty
Knows Arabic :D
Supergenius math nerd
the Bio Researcher

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