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The name of Danny and Arin's Secret of Mana characterSecret of Mana
Danny wants a mod from Skyrim that yells this from Billy Madison, whenever you fail to pick a lockThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Danny picked this character at every opportunity in GundamGundam: Battle Assault 2
This musician was a victim of the Grumps' artistic critiqueSuper Mario Sunshine
Arin went to this country for his honeymoonThe Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
How could you call the police, you're already on the phone with me?...looks like you're the _____ ___ now.Super Castlevania IV
Around Halloween 2013, Game Grumps went under this nameGeneral
I don't want *______* in my game! Come on game designers, get it together!Mickey Mousecapade
This is the Grumps' word for the female breasts (hint: often luscious)Secret of Mana
Danny has been eating reserve Skittles because he despises this new flavor which replaced LimeKid Icarus
Skyrim features the _______-o-meterThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Suzy is unable to manage the Grump budget to allow a trip to this place, to which Danny responds 'This is bullsh*t.'Mario Party 4
Danny tends to call levels _____General
~You're sittin' down down, and you're takin' a crap! Or maybe you're standing __ ____!~ -Arin's Fall Out Boy toilet paperSuper Mario Bros. 3
Ross demands Suzy get him some of this to drink, much to her disdainGoddammit Ross Shirt!
12345678910, no black magic, no backsies, secret ____ and ___...dragon breath disallowedSuper Mario Sunshine
I got ____! I can't feel my legs! Gotta wear a brace!Super Mario Sunshine
Using a math trick, Arin got Danny to list this country, animal and color, in that orderSuper Mario World
The Grumps have been sent literally handfuls of copies of this N64 gameGeneral
Danny revealed this to be his real nameThe Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
The Grumps are fond of imitating this club-song commonalityGeneral
Here comes the ___! Do you like spiky balls, m'dear?Mario Party 4
This character is a nerdy bully who likes to call people polynygmionsVVVVVV
The name of Ross and Danny's Skyrim characterThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Created the 3 Game Grumps movie trailersGeneral
This prejudiced driver yells things as he drives by, such as 'IHATECHINESEPEOPLE'Strider
At the end of this episode, our Savior Barry first spoke on the Game Grumps channelN/A
This character is a sad percussionist with nothing to live forSuper Tennis
Around Halloween 2013, Steam Train went under this nameGeneral
A Mii created by Ross, who bares a striking resemblance to someone...Fortune Street
The name of the Grumps' Legend of Zelda characterThe Legend of Zelda
The Grumps compete against this cheating bastard computer-player in Wheel of Fortune JuniorWheel of Fortune Junior
The Grumps enjoy requesting Barry to put this...strange image up on screenGeneral
A fake racial group made up by the Grumps, whom they like to blame things onKirby's Epic Yarn
Ticket pays for the whole seat, but you'llSuper Mario Bros. 3
ROSS, PRESS ___Fortune Street
Danny is singing this song before Ross interrupts himGoddammit Ross Shirt!
Mrs. The Menace, Dennis is so clumsy! You should probably put him in...Dennis the Menace
Ross modded his Skyrim that transforms dragons into this popular wrestlerThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The name of the Grumps' Wind Waker characterThe Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Danny advocates the use of the f*ck it _______ when faced with making a decisionSuper Mario Sunshine
In this one-off game, Arin and Danny fight to the death over the crownN/A
On the first episode of Wind Waker, the Grumps walk in on an old man pushing a ____.The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
The Grumps got a bag of only marshmallows from this cerealSuper Mario Bros. 3
'What you mean is that you don't knowww!' '....f*ck you, what the f*ck? I'm sorry. I thought I was the ___ ___ here!'Skyblazer
This character punctuates his hateful statements with a smooth basslineSuper Tennis
Barry's first audible words on Game Grumps?N/A
Arin gave a homeless man a $20 gift card to this fast food place, which he did not appreciateSuper Mario Bros. 3
What kind of jeans does Mario wear?Kirby's Epic Yarn
You can't buy ____ _____ with ShinesSuper Mario Sunshine

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