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In what game does Arin, as Jon puts it, finally have fun in by shooting enemies with a v-gun?
Jon tends to make this noise in response to...anything
The Game Grumps Animated intro is a couple of boops followed by Arin doing this.
This is the name of the Grumps' Zigzagoon
Mary-Kate and Ashley have always wanted a man-made ____ in California.
Jon creates a Cookie Masterson question: 'If I typed at a bunch of House of the Dead zombies, but my zombies were also known as blombies, which way could I park my car in _____?' (
Jon dunks his shirt in this to showcase the pores and market saturation of the product.
Arin yells this with insane glee after he beats Sonic as Silver.
Jon and Arin have a beautiful little moment after this character glitches on a wall.
Mega Man passes these on the ground in the Mega Man 7 finale but doesn't eat them because he is a robot and they do not appeal to him.
The Grumps sing two songs featured in this movie during the Kitty Cat Dance Party at the Joe & Mac finale
This character scolds Mega Man for listening to Protoman. The dude just SHOWS. UP!
It's a blue-backed _____!
While fighting a boss in Sonic 06, Jon gets fed up, leaves the Grump room and says this to Barry
The debut Game Grumps game
When Arin had to puke, he asked everyone in the room to please ____ _ ____
In an episode of Mario Party, Jon says to Arin 'Although literally __ __ ___', so they take Arin's car there.
Barry's messenger birds visit the Grumps when they're playing this game
Rolling around at the speed of ______! (Not sound!)
The episodes of this game have 'Please don't sue' plastered on the video thumbnails
'And my mother would say 'Daniel! All your ____ is here!''
Baboom! Rocket! To the ____!
You gotta draw a f*ckin' ____ __ ___ ____, dude! You gotta make a statement!
What's the subtitle of the Grumps' second playthrough of Mario Party 2?
The Grumps always set this character to Hard when playing Mario Party
Debut game of Arin and Danny Grumps
Call in now, call in later, Collin Farrell, Colin ______!
Jon and Arin argue if Plok and Yoshi's Island have similar graphics because they both have ____ ______.
~Silver came, and now we're fighting, and now we're~
What's Danny's first line as a Grump? (In the Jon farewell video)
Look at this dangass game! It's legitimately in my ___ __.
Dude, dude...____ talk?
Arin 'didn't want to f*ck anything up' in choosing the wrong snack in fear of there being too much sodium in them. Which snack did sick Arin end up picking?
Hey Ike, do you want coffee or tea?
Jon says you can order the Grep shirt now at this fake website
Jon's impression of this Disney character: 'Get out of here! You're coming to dinner, bitch!'
What's the (non-profane) name the Grumps give their fans?
After Arin burps, Jon says that Arin is ruining his integrity and that ____ won't hire him now
Arin makes explosion noises and yells that millions are dead, implying he is calling Jon a
Jon and Arin are going to pass out from poison drinks and then wake up at generally the same time based on...
When the Grumps are making fun of Mike Matei, one comments, 'Castle? More like castle my _____.'
The Grumps show this game to Grant first, but he didn't f*cking do that game! SH*T!
What's lawyer's speak for 'a limited time only', according to Jon?
In one episode of Sonic 06, the Grumps keep making this character walk into the water to hear him yell
The Grumps like to make fun of this AVGN ripoff-'What the hayull? Is this a video game or a test of patience?'
While playing Demon Souls, Jon does an impression of this female pop/rock singer.
Even though YouTube doesn't have these, Jon wants to make one, mentally.
Jon and Grant argue over the pronunciation of this English rock band
It has been discussed that Arin has many _____ and yet has no ____.
After Jon lands on this option on a Bowser space in Mario Party, Bowser just leaves.
___! ___! What the ___ is that all about! This game's a buncha ___! And you're like hahaha that's funny, say ___ again!
All of the kids in Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games are elementary school students. According to Jon, you have to unlock this other group of people.
What's the date of the upload of the first Grumps episode? (M/D/Y)
Why hello there Banjo. Would you like to...jump __ __ __? It is me, I am your harbinger.
Jon fangirls when Arin does the voice of this character on the show
When Goofy or Max throw their hands into the air, the Grumps think it looks like they're saying...
Well you better save that sh*t as a ____, F'later.
Danny and Ross bought too many games, now they gotta
But I'm pissed awf. Hey eeerin. Wanna go touch ___-____? (After Arin finishes his dance)
What is the 'Sinatra-ass' last name that sends the Grumps You Don't Know Jack? (Featured in the Grumps Triforce Mix)
Walkin' around in my banana shoes, goin' _____ _____ ____
Do you remember the episode where this character caught a Pumbloom?
When it comes to a good deal on t-shirts, EVEN _____ KNOW!
When Arin was sick, he busted his face on this object and blood was everywhere
The only game to feature facecam on Game Grumps
Arin asks what Jon would say if he said League of Legends was a stupid game, to which Jon responds, ___ ____ ___.
Ancient _____ is really hard to clean off your pants.
Danny uses this special karate move by picking up floating 'C's.
Jon wants to put his WEIIIINNNERRR in this Sonic character.
The Grumps comment on how this character's face looks like he just found out the son he never wanted has died
On which Disney World ride did Jon flip out at a bunch of people on grad night?
Plok has been _______ again! But Jon reassures him that the perpetrator will be brought to justice
This Kirby's like the Kirby that _________ _____.
Luke thinks the light saber is a ____ _____, to which Obi-Wan replies......WHAT?!
The Grumps almost speedrun this game in one episode but the reset button is hit, erasing all progress.
When Arin first invited Jon over to his house, he said they would ____-____ a lot.
Jon would put a ____ in that *NO JON*! Bust a CAP in that *JON NO*
Arin thought this trotical destination was a U.S. territory (and therefore does not require a tasstort to travel to)
Which Pacific Rim robot weapon do the Grumps *highly* recommend you vote for
Created the Game Grumps subreddit.
Arin wants Barry to zoom in on the crotch of this character from The Jungle Book.
The first game featured on Game Grumps Vs
Last game featuring Jon and Arin as the Grumps
Advice was given in this game to 'Pay your workers', causing Arin to yell for Barry
Jon and Arin would never hang out with this character, because he is filled with garbage. And the character doesn't hang out with...white folk.
The Grumps accidentally uploaded a video of this game without audio
Title of Jon's farewell video
Jon sings an edited version of this song in the Grump T-Shirt video
Don't throw that, it's ________ to somebody!
In Playstation All Stars, the Grumps make fun of the depressing lyrics from this band
Arin called Sidekick Rental during Mario Party, but lied to Jon and said his phone call was actually about _____
A fine day for _____ing if I do say so myself!
Ross and Danny asked Jon and Arin if they wanted to hang out and play video games, but they're too busy with
Danny has a friend who can do this on command
Shin-Chan is saying 'Hey mom, let's go to the ______.'
Composed the Pause Balls remix; started the Grumpmix craze
The first game completed on Game Grumps
What's the name of the band that Arin is in? (Before Starbomb)
Jon asks the audience if they're glad they didn't subscribe to this British YouTube duo instead

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