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****in' Goof Troop! We always _____ together!
Which Animal Crossing character has a sweet ass?
What object dealt the killing blow to Wart in the SMB2 finale?
Like a ball in a _____ -ass corner
The trees in the Grump's Animal Crossing town look like _____
Arin's robot voice always wants to order...
The name the Grumps give their Torchic
Name of the Grumps' Lotad
How much ass do you think Mega Man gets?
After late June 2013, Jon's spot was filled by Danny Sexbang from what band?
According to Jon, Whismurs are actually...
What are you willing to put up with today?
Arin heard they wanted to call him Slinkyman, but uh, THEY COULDN'T GET THE
Animated the Silly Voices GGA for the Game Grumps channel
Arin is pleased that Knuckles has these for feet
The Grumps had an argument over unfair advantages while playing
Who is the only character you can pick in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
This behind-the-scenes Grump edits the videos
Just because this character has sharp claws, it doesn't mean he has a sharp soul.
FREEZE, _______!
Arin and Jon are not partners, but rather...
Did you just call our show ____?!
Wingull evolves into...
Most shoes on Game Grumps are made up by this potassium-filled fruit
Dog bone in a city! This person runs fast nowhere.
Arin's got ___ hair. Arin's got ___ hair, 1 2 3 4, everybody sing the song of ___ hair.
I came out of the theater and said...that was a good movie.... ___________
The name of the Grumps' Animal Crossing character
Arin's girlfriend is actually a _____
It's a ______ tuba!
The Grumps end their playthrough of Joe & Mac with this event
Jon's 'sister' was killed back in what U.S. state?
Zoom in on the _____!
The Grumps often play this song while speeding through Sonic 06
The Jr./Sr. duo from the Kirby series
Jon sometimes says this word too much without realizing it
Jon does an impression of this elderly celebrity on crack
The Grumps suggest courts, instead of having people swear under oath, should have them swear under this box of cereal
The name of the Grump's Animal Crossing town
Half of the PC-focused show on Game Grumps, he is an Australian animator and friend of the Grumps
If Jon can't be the best, he sure as hell can be
Welcome back to WHOOOOOOOOOOOO _______
The one time Barry was called in to be on Grumps, he was busy doing this
The second show to debut on the Game Grumps channel, focusing on PC games
_____ the Biscuit
One thing a girl's gonna need if Jon's gonna have sex with her
Name of the Grumps' Slakoth
What's the best strategy in Link to the Past?
The Wii that Arin bought is full of _____ with strange names
Jon has to drink his ____
Arin checked to see what the forums were saying, only to be bleeped by what animal?
Arin's Brawl main
This is said to be Arin's favorite word
Nobody truly wins Mario Party 4 because Arin and Jon realize that this is more important:
Start a family, eat healthy, eat carrots, eat tomatoes, be healthy, start a family- what was that last one?
Oh my gosh, it's a black-bellied _______!
At the end of an episode of Sonic 06, Arin starts singing a song about his
Arin inputs 'CD Player' on Family Feud, and the answer is accepted as...
Arin didn't know that he could ______ __ in Yoshi's Island.
Jon's Brawl main
The Grumps' Link to the Past character's name
If Silver gets three extra lives consecutively, you can expect him to say...
Jon once threatened to destroy this thing that Arin and his girlfriend made together
This person beats both of the Grumps in Jeopardy
Jon says the _ word on the first episode
Name of the Grumps' Poochyena
Ooh, gosh, ooh, ____!
The guy is Lolo, the girl is ____
People only like this character for his farts. They use him.
The reason Arin called Jon a pizza is because Jon is a
This Kirby enemy is not FROM space, he IS space. It hurts if you chisel him!
Danny tends to say this word often when agreeing with Arin
The Grump's Pokemon Emerald character is named...
The most disliked Jon and Arin Grumps video is their first episode of _______ ____
___ level. ___ fuckin' level.
Jon's sister was killed by what creature in a swamp?
In a Secret of Mana episode, Jon acts like a slightly sly ________
Tells the Grumps to burn down the forest
Look at this ________ game!
The first guest on Guest Grumps
The Grumps have often expressed fondness over this stand-up comedian
The most disliked video on the Game Grumps channel over all is
Member of the Grumpmixing Triforce who composed BaBoom and Sophia Lo-ren
Donkey Kong has ___-_____ hands
Member of the Grumpmixing Triforce who composed Banana Shoes and Color of the Game
The Grumps describe Goof Troop as the _____est game
Danny is fond of requesting his opposition do this
Treecko's sprite looks like he's saying...
In Link to the Past, there was a misunderstanding about intercourse with what animal?
Dad Arin requests his son Jon eats his
What is not included with the Game Grumps polo shirt?
Come and have a go, if you think you're
It's a sad-ass ____ child!
Twitchy ass ______
The Grumps are fond of making fun of this friend of James Rolfe
Arin is fond of calling Jon this word that in most instances means 'a clump of dirt.'
What? I can't hear you! I'm ______ ______!
Jon crushed this GBA game that belonged to Arin
Jon's horrid misspoken version of Cinderella
Member of the Grumpmixing Triforce who composed Goof Troop Boop and Somebody to Love

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