Batman: Arkham City Characters

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Can you name the characters in Batman: Arkham City?

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Utilizes the Lazarus Pit to stay alive
Female counterpart to clown antagonist
Female assistant to protagonist
Aggressive male reporter
Protagonist's butler
Carves a mark on his body for each victim
Short, chubby antagonist
Female playable character
Mayor of Gotham City, Warden of Arkham Asylum
Must be kept at sub-zero temperatures
Police commissioner of Gotham
Scientist antagonist
One armed twins (last name)
Question asking antagonist
Aspiring actor
Teams up with protagonist to destroy TITAN
Plant-human hybrid
Childhood friend of Bruce Wayne
Obsessed with holidays
World's greatest assassin
Green scaly antagonist (cameo)
Uses a coin to make decisions
Female assassin and love interest to protagonist
Mask obsessed antagonist (cameo)
Tim Drake
Giant undead monster who can't die
Female reporter for Gotham News
Wonderland-esque antagonist
Dick Grayson
Clown antagonist
Wife of icy antagonist

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