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QuestionAnswerExtra Info
Yui's last name
Yui's Instrument
Yui's voice actress
Yui's nickname: ___-chan
Yui's sibling
Ritsu's last name
Ritsu's instrument
Ritsu's voice actress
Ritsu's nickname: ___-chan
Ritsu's sibling
Tsumugi's last name
Tsumugi's instrument
Tsumugi's voice actress
Tsumugi's nickname: ___-chan
Mio's last name
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
Mio's instrument
Mio's voice actress
Mio's nickname: ___-chan
Azusa's last name
Azusa's instrument
Azusa's voice actress
Azusa's nickname: ___-____
Band's official name
First song performed as a band
Manga author
Anime producer
First opening theme
First ending theme
Second opening theme
Second ending theme

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