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Big Mama1981/Disney animation
Wilbur Robinson2007/Disney animation
Lock, Shock and Barrel1993/Disney stop-motion
Princess Eilonwy1985/Disney animation
Rutt & Tuke2003/Disney animation
Terk1999/Disney animation
Silvermist2008/DisneyToon animation
Ramone2006/Pixar animation
Captain Li Shang1998/Disney animation
Skeeter Valentine1999/DisneyToon animation
Scuttle1989/Disney amimation
Vincenzo 'Vinny' Santorini2001/Disney animation
Colonel Heller1971/Primarily live-action, partially animation
Mr. Smee1953/Disney animation
Merlock1990/DisneyToon animation
Violet Parr2004/Pixar animation
Lefou1991/Disney animation
Kaa1967/Disney animation
Captain Phoebus1996/Disney animation
Mr. Banks1964/Primarily live-action, partially animation
Panchito Pistolas1944/Disney animation
Dodger1988/Disney animation
Cyril Proudbottom1949/Disney animation
Chicha2000/Disney animation
Stromboli1940/Disney animation
Princess Atta1998/Pixar animation
James Henry Trotter1996/Disney stop-motion
MO2008/Pixar animation
Little John1973/Disney animation
Sneezy1937/Disney animation
Fidget1986/Disney animation
Max Goof1995/DisneyToon animation
Sven2013/Disney animation
Nani2002/Disney animation
Alfredo Linguini2007/Pixar animation
Doorknob1951/Disney animation
Slinkey Dog1995/Pixar animation
Judge Doom1988/Primarily live-action, partially animation
Yen Sid1940/Disney animation
Meeko1995/Disney animation
Pain & Panic1997/Disney animation
Zini2000/Disney animation
Lottie La Bouff2009/Disney animation
Mittens2008/Disney animation
Pascal2010/Disney animation
Thumper1942/Disney animation
Kanga1977/Disney animation
Iago1992/Disney animation
Harris, Hubert & Hamish2012/Pixar animation
Fix-It Felix2012/Disney animation
Zazu1994/Disney animation
Jim Hawkins2002/Disney animation
Gus1950/Disney animation
Nigel2003/Pixar animation
Merryweather1959/Disney animation
Randall Boggs2001/Pixar animation
Perdita1961/Disney animation
Dug2009/Pixar animation
Elliott1977/Primarily live-action, partially animation
Queen Narissa2007/Primarily live-action, partially animation
Madame Medusa1977/Disney animation
Merlin1963/Disney animation
Uncle Waldo1970/Disney animation
Foxy Loxy2005/Disney animation
Trusty1955/Disney animation
Timothy Q Mouse1941/Disney animation
Mrs. Calloway2004/Disney animation

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