12 Labors of Hercules

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Can you name the 12 labors of Hercules?

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LaborCreature, Object, or PersonHint
1) Kill the __________ that had impenetrable skinNo hint
2) Kill the many-headed ________ whose heads grow backNo hint
3) Capture the _________ of ArtemisNo hint
4) Capture the _________ on top of Mount ErymanthusNo hint
5) Clean the ________ by diverting riversNo hint
6) Kill the man-eating ________ in a marsh with arrowsNo hint
7) Capture the fire-breathing ________ in CreteNo hint
8) Steal the flesh-eating ________No hint
9) Steal the _______ of the Amazon queen _______Separate answers with a comma, for example: llama, Abraham Lincoln
10) Steal the three-headed_______ from ________Same as above
11) Steal the _______ from the nymphs called __________Same as above
12) Steal the three-headed dog _______ from the UnderworldNo hint

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