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Real NameBest Known As...Genre
Robert RitchieRock
Brian BurtonElectronica/Producer
Marvin Lee AdayRock
Ronald PadanovaMetal (singer)
Brian WarnerMetal/Industrial
Stuart GoddardNew Wave/Punk
Andre YoungRap
Steven GeorgiouSinger-songwriter
John LydonPunk
Adrian ThawsTrip-hop/Producer
William BroadPunk/Rock
Evangelos PapathanassiuNew Age/Soundtrack
William RoseHard Rock (frontman)
Michael BalzaryFunk/Rock (bassist)
Richard StarkeyPop/Rock (drummer)
Robert ZimmermanFolk/Singer-songwriter
Derek DickSinger-songwriter/Prog Rock (frontman)
Farrokh BulsaraRock (frontman)
Enrique MoralesPop/Latin
Real NameBest Known As...Genre
Reginald DwightPop/Singer-songwriter
Gordon SumnerPop/Rock
Joan LarkinRock/Singer-songwriter
Cherilyn SarkisianPop
David JonesPop/Rock
Saul HudsonHard Rock (guitarist)
Paul GaddGlam Rock
Stacy FergusonPop/Hip-hop (singer)
David EvansRock (guitarist)
James Osterberg Jr.Punk/Rock
Charles HolleyRock pioneer
Herbert KhaurySinger/Ukuleleist
Patricia AndrzejewskiPop/Rock
Marshall MathersRap
Paul HewsonRock (frontman)
Georgios PanayiotouPop/Singer-songwriter
Brian CarrollGuitar virtuoso
Richard JamesJungle/Electronica

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