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Pun StatementCapital
I felt rushed when I visited Timor-Leste. They hate it when you _____-dally.
Those Czechs sure love Yes and King Crimson. They're obviously fans of ________-rock.
The cost of shipping is skyrocketing in the Philippines. Perhaps they should stop using _______ envelopes.
Jordan is quite liberal about gender issues these days: they'll even let a woman become _______.
Income tax is pretty high in Bangladesh: they _______ lot off your paycheck!
That Moroccan magician has a neat trick: he pulls a _______ out of a hat!
That Aussie elevator is a marvel of engineering: it __________ ton!
The Omanis could use an upgrade to their military arms: they're still using _________s!
I went to Sierra Leone and never had to pay a cent! Their capital is a __________.
There's a new development in the K-pop genre: it now has an element of ________.
Pun StatementCapital
I can't take you with me to Fiji, but I'll be sure to bring you back a ______-nir
There are a lot of October births in wonder its capital is ____________!
Romanian laborers are often overworked, but they can always ___________ at a local hotel.
Sweden is at the center of the Scandinavian trade market. You might even call it the ____________.
That old sandwich place was closed for heath violations. India clearly needs a _____ _______.
Look at that flying trapeze! Those Ghanaians sure have great _________-bats!
Population numbers have taken a sharp increase in Ireland lately; soon they'll be _________.
This junkyard is where Sudanese vehicles go to die. You could almost call it a _________.
That South African tugged a little too hard on Superman's outfit, but he was able to get it mended at _____ _____.
Plants grow quite well in Togo, as the soil there is very _____.

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