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AnagramBook TitleAuthor's Last Name
The Candid VoiceBrown
The Fiancee Con GoneWharton
The Wino BarLawrence
Aimless RebelsHugo
Toothy Bloated GalGraves
The Solar SinusesHemingway
Sinus OperaAusten
Natural DesiresStevenson
Centurion Poop TintHuxley
The Child Wolf TaleLondon
AnagramBook TitleAuthor's Last Name
Cue Baby TalkSewell
Drowsy LlamaWoolf
Card CastleVonnegut Jr.
Rude EmbassyOrwell
Hot Ladyloves FellSusann
Small Old FernDefoe
He Lubes OakDickens
A Magi ProtestClancy
The Bass Island SinAtwood
Mind of MenaceSteinbeck
The Tasty ColonFitzgerald

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