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'Anthropomancy: divination by entrails'
'I will swallow your soul!'
'Time for a Bandle City beatdown!'
'Fear not, I'm coming.'
'You only have to click once, fool.'
'I am your worst nightmare..'
'My axe is thirsty!'
'We do what we must'
'Another body for the gutter..'
'I would end this burden, but it always returns..'
'Let's soar'
'Focus on the battle'
'Delta Sierra at twelve o' clock!'
'My aim is steady..'
'With precision..'
'I'm on my way!'
'I'd love a pint!'
'Time to feed...'
'March! March! March! March!'
'The sun always rises'
'Hunger never sleep..'
'Who questions my ability?'
'Who's next?'
'Like wildfire..'
'Into the fray'
'Don't get cocky!'
'Who needs a map?'
'You're no fun..'
'My destination is absolute.'
'The warrior's spirit is never broken..'
''I will feast on their bones...'
'Feral instinct guides our fist.'
'Yes! Yes! Yes!'
'For my father, the king!'
'The ball is impatient...'
'Do not fear the unknown..'
'Let's make tracks!' (Grunt)
'Wanna see a hat trick?'
'The tribe is waiting!'
'Have you seen my bear Tibbers?'
'Violence ends violence.'
'The daylight! It burns!'
'I know the way.'
'I wanna shoot something!'
'Tread lightly'
'I'm moving as fast as I can..'
'I can help you do that better!'
'On the approach'
'There is only one destination'
'It's all smoke and mirrors..'
'Hey! Come back!'
'By the power of the stars'
'Accelerated movement, I concur.'
'Victory is assured'
'Do you smell that?'
'Happy hour..INCOMING!'
'Doin' It!'
'Don't hold me up!'
'I miss my kind..'
'With ease'
'Mix mix swirl mix'
'We demand sacrifice!'
'Mundo go this(h) way!'
'The fortunate shall be eradicated!'
'I feel your fear..'
'The way is always the same..'
'Who is your summoner, and what does he do?'
'They disgrace the art of war.'
'Hup.. two...three...four!'
'Look what crawled out of the bunghole!'
'Is that fear I smell?'
'Without a sound'
'Cleansing blood with silver..'

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