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High Brass
The screamers. Backbone of high brass. 
A Trumpet with a French Horn mouthpiece. 
Low Brass
A slide Baritone, more or less. 
A kind of valved Trombone. 
The backbone of Low Brass. 
High Woodwinds
The closest Woods get to Brass. 
Piercingly loud. High-pitched. 
Difficult to play loud. 
Woodwind sound that dominates the field. 
Low Woodwinds
Warm sound. Jazz icon. 
Big, flashy, and never loud enough. 
Difficult to march with. 
Battery / Drumline
The icon of marching band badassery. 
The mastery of one sound. 
5 drums, 5 players. 
Mallet Percussion
Never call it a Xylophone. Ever. 
They sound like Chimes. 
They sound like Bells. 
Maaagic soundboaaard!! 
Bang a Gong, get in on... 
Drum Major
The white gloves are the hardest to carry. 

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