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Episode TitleSeries#
Long live the kaiser!54/110
Oh my, oh my! No balls!2/9000+
Closed Day for the Bar7/11
Go with chest hair! 3/26
Wolf and business sense3/13
Episode II-VI Back rank mate11/26
His butler, on ice10/24
They who move the Stars5/6
The sword that brings the promised victory16/24
The flame of love in Hell. You're already dead!! 5/109+
The Greatest Robot on Earth, Part 1116/193
Having a lot of faces doesn't make you great!4/27
Master of monster10/13
Become a gazelle46/76+
Role play1/26
Hot blooded loser! Finally the forbidden secret technique blossoms!49/300+
The Drill Speaks Eloquently of Love11/24
The beginning ~ Beginn8/13
With one accord in a flash / Both of you, dance like you want to win! 9/26
Recovery service vs. transport service4/49
Blade, the Thousand / Sentō Tsurugi3/12
Kawachi kai!! The Solar Gauntlet!8/69
The mysterious, lecherous monk93/192
The truth behind truths19/51
The east that goes on11/11
Simeon Girls Force5/24
There are Miracles and Magic4/12
Chi doesn't do anything16/27
The twentieth match: The road to becoming pro 20/75
Those with Courage46/49
Which of the third generation will win?19/155+
Cursed parakeet4/300+
Enemy is another big12/26
Requiem on a hill ~requiem~10/24
Herr Dr. Tenma1/74
When the hot ice melts4/26
A tale of feeding off others2/13
The legend of Falcon!! 51/51
Sora ~air~12/13
Let's brew with microbes!3/11
Time of the machines ~ MACHINES DÉSIRANTES15/26
The 20,000 ball challenge93/101
Star-Shaped Feelings21/23
One-eyed fish12/26
Voices from the Darkness! Slash 'em to Bits, Ragna Blade!37/104
Pineapple Salad18/36
Together with Maya24.5/26
Tamayo's superiority ~spread legs form~2/12
Episode TitleSeries#
Happy family planning8/13
Garbage day, Clock Tower, The Bird that Crossed over the Wall 4/13
The Jolly Roger of Space1/42
A goodbye that came too soon3/26
'Standby Ready'13/13
Instrument! 2/12
Launch!! The Incomplete Ultimate Weapon!4/6
An eye for an eye, a butt for a butt 5/43
Walpurgis Night10/12
For His Was Genius No Rule Could Contain26/26
Low spinning fastball 6/25
The Beast, Robot, and Butler that Kinda Shout Love at the Center of the World3/52
The $$60,000,000,000.00 man1/26
Hitagi Crab (Part 1)1/15
Sakura & The Dangerous Piano49/70
Singing Voice Resounding Through the Galaxy49/49
Fairy tale - Il Principe del Regno della Pasta8/13
Palmtop tiger of bliss14/25
Time Travel Paranoia9/26
People Who Make Good First Impressions Usually Suck12/200+
Kriegserklärung ~the fighting maidens~ 4/12
We can turn this game around, right?23/50
Acperience 1 12/50
The one who brings the world revolution37/39
Haruhi in Wonderland13/26
Phantom station 13106/113
The Vice President Doesn't Say Anything about the Possibility of Him Being the Main Character1/16
Darling Said He Loved Me188/195
High School Nudical4B/13
Akt 19 - Kapitel des Junges: A Midsummer Night`s Dream ~ Ein Sommernachtstraum24/38
The day of Sagittarius11/14
Going too far26/26
Fire Starter2/6
Unsuccessful overhead kick48/128
The 4½ Tatami Ideologue10/11
Improving genius of drift14/26
The Genius Who Descended Into the Darkness1/26
Life's misdiagnosis42/61
The last plesiosaur13/26
Pure ruby ~ reiner rubin12/12
Meakashi Chapter 3: Demon's blood18/26
Bad-ass Dude7/25
The sublimating effects of the dissimulation brought on through makeup & costume on mental obstacles 4/12
A man of mystery appears!? His name is Sogeking!258/450+
Torch & Flame Haze 3/24
Mushroom Samba17/26

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