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Finish the quotesHow do you travel?What a trip
Neal: Are you saying I could be *stuck* in _______?
_____ ____ doesn't do as much ball-handling in one night as you do in an hour
Do you have seventeen dollars and a good watch? No I don't. I have uh... two dollars... and a _____
You could've killed me slugging me in the gut like that. That's how _______ died, you know
Her first baby came out ________, she didn't scream or nothin
Finish the quotesHow do you travel?What a trip
What do you think the temperature is? ___
It's like going on a date with a ______ _____ doll. I expect you have a little string on your chest, you know, that I pull out and have to snap back
Neal: Del, why did you kiss my ear? Del: Why are you holding my hand? Neal: Where's your other hand? Del: Between two _______. Neal: Those aren't _______!
Last thing I want to be is an annoying _____________
However, the _____ still works Funny as that may seem the _______ the only thing that's really working good

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