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He doesn't ramble, he struts his stuff.
He appears on the EarthBound box
This Octobot is mechanical... just like the rest of them
It can replenish it's own HP and explodes when it dies
A young neanderthal
BOSS. Or should I say, boooss!
Its overworld sprite is fire, which is a real paradox
A Shark Gang punk that really shreds up the town.
Why isn't this in a museum?
BOSS. Someone should call a meteorologist, a storm's brewing!
NEVER get in an unlicensed cab.
He swoooshes by to say hello
A bat in the prime of its life.
This ghost is actually a zombie, and it'll possess you with a minighost if you're not careful!
See you later alligator, after a while crocodi-OH GOD IT'S EATING MY LEG
He's the third best enemy in the game!
Found only on the trail to Milky Wells.
BOSS. Super Ultra Mambo Tango Foxtrot Martial Arts
Gives the most EXP out of any enemy in the game, good luck finding this worm.
A pink crocodile that can balance on its tail...?
He never leaves his guard post, even once he petrifies.
It's really stinky, and it is very similar to a boss
Is weak, attacks in groups, and offers decent experience. It isn't borange.
If you can chase him down, he'll give amazing EXP
County road 40
Love hurts. Sometimes it even kills.
She's a lady. And she's cranky.
He wears a red suit, revels, and isn't Santa Claus
He's completely no good.
BOSS. He's better than Number 3 he's Number 2
BOSS. The Runaway Five help take him out
This dino has the wet nose of a dog. Give it a tissue.
An eye with hands... I'm not sure if it's biologically possible.
It's pretty, but not as pretty as other disc-like
He rambles on and on... sometimes he sends you on a psychodelic roadtrip
This psychological battle is no conventional battle, and he's what you've been striving to reach this whole time
A slimy little pile, but I've seen slimier.
I guess he's a squatter.
He's a happy, smilin' guy, but when things get rough he tends to explode.
The Franklin Badge is your friend against this foe.
The brother of a fish who's chock full of protein
This slug is the pits.. what a bunch of bull.
It's name makes it seem a bit more deadly than it actually is
Trying to control this sphere is like trying to ride a cactus. It won't work and it's a painful experience.
The Black version. There is also a Red version.
Don't let it coil around you
It would wag its tail, but its tail fell off when it was rotting in the ground.
For the most part, he's one bad bug and he always says something nasty.
One of two 2 dimensional enemies in the game, think 'Drawn to life' Also, it's a snake.
He never learned to play nice
Think Minnesota Basketball. Now get rid of the timber and think Dusty Dunes
Yeah I've seen slimier.
Shamblers just want to have a wild time
It's so worthless I'm not going to bother giving it a decent description.
If he was in the water, this robo would create a whirlpool
Part of the Shark Gang of Onett. He's always bouncing.
Though he is shattered, that doesn't make him any less fierce
Found in moonside, he counts down from 3.
BOSS. The only form of government Twoson hands, does he meet his end in Fourside?
Voulez vous couchez avec moi ce soir? (I think I got the French right)
A Starman: Deluxe model!
At first it's a boss, but then it returns in Magicant
A tiny disc-shaped foe, could be mistaken as a frisbee
The old 45 track version. Usually accompanied by a Musica
How does this tree move around to protect its territory?
BOSS. The statue that causes people to make bad decisions
BOSS. It's like an early prototype for a Clayman
Ursine foe found in Lilliput Steps
He ate the first six... and Goldilocks
BOSS. Deep in the pyramids lies this foe, abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
This bug needs to take a bath
BOSS. This Spooky Mook kidnapped Paula! GWAAH!
It can restore its own HP and it explodes when you kill it. It's highly Nuclear.
The Franklin Badge is your friend against this foe.
He looks straight out of Geometry class. Also, it's a bomb
Amphibious creature with high defense
He's a major psycho
BOSS. The mix between a man and a woman's best friend
He's always smilin' even when things get rough
One of the most iconic enemies in the game. His weapon: a paint brush?
He's shattered, and has lost all will to live.
BOSS. He's the unsinkable ship... of the insect world.
Though the name says otherwise, it is not a petunia
Found in the Department Store, can he play Eight Melodies?
Don't let a Spy sap this robot.
Just remember: marauder
This fish is chock full of protein
BOSS. He's back for revenge. You've fought him before.
BOSS. A knife wielding King of the Sharks, but he's actually really nice.
You've fought him and killed him, but his ghost is back!
Of all the Octobots, he is the best of them all.
Found in Dusty Dunes, it has a majetic crest.
BOSS. He means business. He turns off the Devil's Machine, unleashing your ultimate destiny.
BOSS. Blue blue... blue!
A real tough guy who wears a funny flowery shirt
BOSS. The first form of a 2-form boss battle, and he's hot stuff.
It's a robot that looks like a chess piece.
Just HANGING out. Name rhymes with Goose.
This foe is one of the first you encounter, and it steals your food.
This robo spins right round like a record, baby.
Has anyone seen my dog? Why are you attacking my dog?
The undead are with us... and they're living in the big cities.
A brown scorpion, naturally it's poisonous.
He's had military training
BOSS. A stinky boss, he enslaves the Saturns and has a taste for Fly Honey
Even undead, he still tends to his crops
One of two 2 dimensional enemies in the game, think 'Drawn to life'
There is a difference between Smelly and Stinky ghosts
Found in Threed, he may be handsome but he's also egotistical.
This enemy is iconic, the figurehead of the series.
He's a bad boy, and is found in Dusty Dunes
BOSS. This guy's really old, he may even be trillions of years old.
Who knew young gang members could build robots. His name is a Frankenstein parody.
It's like a termite, only electric and deadly.
The police in Summers are rare, so when you find one it may be over zealous
The father of the Department Store Spook... maybe.
It's really slimey, even slimier than some piles.
This golden enemy holds the coveted Sword of Kings.
An eel that'll give you a real shock. Why is it in a swamp?
It's got an ego the size of its... body
He may be psychic, and psychotic, he isn't that major.
This mouse from Giant Step has a high SMAAAAASH rate.
A big purple dinosaur, no, not Dino or Barney.
He doesn't like young people on his lawn, in fact, he'll explode over the matter.
Why did you steal his eggs and bananas? Why would you do that... you... you're so mean.
The Red version. There is also a Black version.
He does the tango in Dalaam.
She's a pretty girl! I mean, if disc-like machines could be pretty.
A crocodile that may not be pink like it;s cohorts, but still surprisingly tough
The mold spores are everywhere, this is why you take out that putrid trash when your mom tells you to.
Even shamblers need to stay warm.
He's a real gambler, but he cheats. He also calls for powerful enemies and is in Magicant
When Jeff is at such a low level, this guy is a real hard hitter
This takes the form of the Mani Mani statue and represents the evil inside Ness.
The kind of guy who always says yes, and thus gets promoted a lot.
BOSS. The sewers are a great place for rats carrying the Bubonic Plague.
This guy is not welcomed at Starbucks, as he scalds everyone in your party.
I didn't know ghosts had odors.
He'll eat your soul! He has a flame for life.
Think like Salvador Dali
Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat
It attacks in groups, is weak, and offers great experience. It's said to be borange.
He's a molecular enemy and easy to beat
BOSS. He guards something, but what?
Plants shouldn't be able to walk around, and yet they do.
This Coil Snake hasn't had anything to drink in a while.
From Giant Step, salt would have been nice to have back then.
What's worse than a cockroach? A violent cockroach.
BOSS. His dad wouldn't be proud of him for losing so easily to Buzz Buzz
To Serve and Protect
He's eerily similar to the first Sanctuary Boss
He makes something fall down.
When Mr. Batty gets old
He's lesser, but still spooky.
It's beautiful crest is really GREAT. It's found in the Scaraban desert.
Drops the coveted Gutsy Bat
Scorpion-like in structure, and it's purple.
Kill him before he brushes his teeth at you.
Looks like a ghost, and is definitely Evil. And Elemental.
This disc-shaped enemy is real high class

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