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Today I found out the chick I like is actually working for the guy who tried to kill me as a baby. FML
Today the guy who's crushing on me tried to institutionalise my dad. FML
Today my step-daughter left home because I have insecurities about my looks. FML
Today I discovered at the altar that my fiance was actually a short fat man in disguise. FML
Today a bounty was put on my head, despite my charitable nature. FML
Today my daughter left home because our lack of legs displeases her. FML
Today I realised I wouldn't be getting a penny of my boss's will, due to her feline obsession. FML
Today my boyfriend flew me to a lagoon, only to have it ruined by some bitchy/image obsessed girls who tried to drown me. FML
Today my quest for power was thwarted by nephew, Ferris Bueller. FML
Today I was almost killed by the cops for stealing a small loaf of bread but didn't even get the chance to eat it. FML.
Today I was locked in my room because of my shoe size. FML.
Today I couldn't get the coat I wanted and to top it all off, I then was in a car crash. FML.

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