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Action of the ILInterleukinExtra Info
Induces Th2 differentiation. Enhances class switch to IgA. Increases Eosinophils
Induces Th2 differentiation, Enhances class switch to IgE and IgG
Endogenous pyrogen; stimulates production of acute-phase proteins
Secreted by all T-cells, supports bone marrow growth, acts like GM-CSF
Major chemotactic factor for neutrophils
Stimulates growth of Cytotoxic T-cells (also Helper T-cells)
Inhibits Th2 response and induces Th1 response; Activates Macrophages, has antiviral and antitumor properties
Causes septic shock; leaky blood vessels
Induces Th1 differentiation, activates NK cells
Inhibits Th1 response and induces Th2 response; secreted by Regulatory T-cells
Endogenous pyrogen; activates endothelium to express adhesion molecules

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