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Can you name the Paradise Lost book that corresponds to each event in the epic?

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EventBook #
God foretells Satan's success, and Man's fall and punishment
Michael continues the flashforward narrative of biblical history
Through a flashback, Raphael gives Adam an overview of the story of the Creation
The poet invokes the muse, Urania
Satan, guided by Uriel to the Earth, alights on Mount Niphates
The book of war and God's thunder
The aftermath of the Fall on Earth and in Hell
The council in Heaven
Sin and Death arrive on Earth
Satan's ejection by Gabriel
Adam and Eve discuss Eve's dream in which she ate of the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge
Raphael relates how, after Michael and Gabriel had fought against Satan, the Son of God himself had alone forced the hosts of Satan to leap from the edge of Heaven down into the de
Michael, sent by God to expell Adam and Eve from Paradise, prophesies in a flashforward the history of Man till the Flood
Raphael continues his flashback description for Adam of the War in Heaven
Raphael tells Adam how, after Satan and his legion were expelled from Heaven, God sends the Son to create the world in six days
The Son of God offers his life to expiate Man's sin, an offer accepted and exalted
Raphael departs from Eden after warning Adam against the coming catastrophe
The council in Hell
Satan departs for Earth alone, passing through the gates of Hell (guarded by Sin and Death) and upward through the realm of Chaos
In a flashback Raphael relates how and why Satan incited the revolt that led to the destructive war in Paradise, despite Abdiel's protestations
EventBook #
Satan's temptation of Eve in a dream
The building of the palace of Pandemonium
Satan's arrival at the Garden of Eden
The temptation and fall of Eve
The book of creation
Satan returns to Hell and relates his exploits only to be greeted by hisses as he and the legion of devils are symbolically transformed into serpents
Satan overhears Adam and Eve discourse on the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge and Eve's dream, a flashback of her creation
Adam and Eve are expelled from Paradise
Adam, out of love for Eve, also eats of the fruit (central plot event of the epic)
Raphael is sent by God to Paradise to warn Adam of the Tempter's presence and to remind Adam of man's free will
God sends down the Son to judge the fallen Adam and Eve
Michael prophesies the coming of the Messiah, his incarnation, death, resurrection, and ascension, and the history of Man to the second Advent
Adam and Eve, having ceased mutual accusations, supplicate and repent to the Son of God
In a flashback Adam recounts for Raphael his own creation and then Eve's creation
The decision by Satan and co. to investigate the new world
The Son of God intercedes for Adam and Eve, asking for God's forgiveness, which is granted
The fall of Satan and his angels through Chaos
The fallen angels awake on the burning lake of Hell
Adam and Eve are ashamed of their nakedness
Raphael and Adam discuss the creation of the heavenly bodies

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