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EventDateTime of Year
Milton is appointed Secretary of Foreign Tongues to the Council of State.
Of the Tenure of Kings and Magistrates is published.
John Milton dies.November 8
Areopagitica is published.
Milton's wife Mary Powell dies.May
Milton's daughter Deborah is born.May
Milton's son John is born.March
Milton's 'studious retirement' essentially ends, as he begins his continental tour (on which he meets Galileo).Starts in May; ends over a year later in the following June.
Samson Agonistes is published.
Milton composes the ode, 'On the Morning of Christ's Nativity.'
Milton loses his position of Secretary of Foreign Tongues to the Council of State.
Milton's son John dies.June
Milton marries Katherine Woodcock.
Milton begins his extensive period of 'studious retirement' at his parents' residence. During this he reads extensively on history and politics.
Milton earns his Master of the Arts (Cum Laude) from Christ's Church College, Cambridge.
Milton's wife Katherine Woodcock Milton dies along with their infant daughter Katherine.
Milton marries Mary Powell. She leaves him and goes back to her family six weeks later.
Milton's daughter Mary is born.October
Milton begins tutoring in order to make an income (his first two students are his two nephews).
Comus is published.
EventDateTime of Year
Milton matriculates at St. Paul's School, London.
Milton gets his Bachelor of the Arts at Christ's Church College, Cambridge.
Milton writes the sonnet 'On Shakespeare' to preface Shakespeare's 2nd Folio.
Milton goes into hiding but is soon arrested and imprisoned for two months.
Milton marries Elizabeth Minshull.
Paradise Regained is published.
Milton's daughter Katherine is born.October
John Milton is born.December 9
Milton's mother Sara dies.
Milton finishes at St. Paul's.
Milton's daughter Anne is born.July
Mary Powell returns to Milton.
Poems of Mr. John Milton, Both English and Latin is published (this includes 'L'Allegro' and 'Il Penseroso').
Milton begins Paradise Lost.
Milton's father John dies.
The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce is published.
'Lycidas' is published.
Milton goes totally blind.February
Paradise Lost is published in ten books.
Paradise Lost (2nd edition) is published in twelve books.

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