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First apperence of Batman
Alfred's first apperence
Dick Grayson's first apperence
Joker's uncredited creator
Chris Nolan version of the League of Assassins
Arkham Asylum/City creative director
Dark Knight Trilogy executive producers
Dark Knight Trilogy director of photography
Final issue of Batman pre-New 52
Villain introduced in Batman #2 (New 52)
Night of the (Blank)
Issue Damian Wayne dies
Damian Wayne dies at the hands of the (Blank)
Bruce Wayne's supposed brother (New 52)
Story arc kicked off by Batman #21
Actor that portrays Penguin (Batman Returns)
Common Batman voice actor (Arkham City, Animated Series
Voice of Batman in Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Writer of the final issue of Detective Comics Pre-New 52
Voice of Batman in Arkham Origins

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