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Can you name the Country by some of its most recent wars??

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Recent Wars (final year)Country
Second Lebanon War (2006), First Lebanon War (1982)
Drug War (ongoing), Dirty War (1982)
___-Vietnamese War (1979), ___-Soviet border conflict (1969)
Warsaw Pact Invasion of Czechoslovakia (1968), World War II (1945)
Operation Enduring Freedon - Afghanistan (ongoing), Operation Iraqi Freedom (2010)
___ Border Wars (1989), Korean War (1953)
Kargil War (1999), Sri Lanka Mission (1990)
Ifni War (1958), ___ Civil War (1939)
World War II (1945), World War I (1918)
The Troubles (Late 20th Century), ___ Civil War (1923)
Recent Wars (final year)Country
South Ossetia War (2008), Second Chechen War (2000)
Second Congo War (2003), First Congo War (1997)
War of the Triple Alliance (1870), Uruguayan War (1865)
War in Afghanistan (ongoing), Iraq War (2009)
Kosovo War (1999), World War II (1945)
Civil War in Chad (ongoing), Operation Baliste (2006)
War in ___ (2003), Iran-___ War (1988)
Soderbund War (1847), Napoleonic Wars (1815)
2010 riots (ongoing), Tulip Revolution (2005)

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