Two and a half men who said it season six

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Can you name the Character who said the title of the episode in two and a half men season six?

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Taterhead is our love child
Pie hole herb
Damn you eggs benedict
The flavin and the mavin
A jock strap in hell
It's always nazi week
Best ho money can buy
Pinocchio's mouth
The mooch at the boo
He smelled the ham he got excited
The devil's lube
Thank god for scoliosis
I think you offended don
David copperfield slipped me a roofie
I'd like to start with the cat
She'll still be dead at halftime
The ocu or the pado
My sons enormous head
The two finger rule
Hello I am alan cousteau
Above exalted cyclops
Sir lancelot's litter box
Good morning mrs.butterworth
Baseball was better with steroids

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