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Can you name the the Amendment to the Constitution based on the first five unique words?

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ballot themselves ballots voted distinct
well regulated security keep arms
lay collect taxes income whatever
born naturalized reside privileges immunities
terms end noon 20th January
prosecutions accused enjoy speedy impartial
acted some apply proposed remainder
constituting entitled event populous addition
varying intervened
answer capital infamous presentment indictment
extend suit equity commenced prosecuted
delegated reserved respectively
eighteen older
Excessive bail fines imposed cruel
slavery involuntary punishment whereof party
Soldier peace quartered consent owner
secure houses papers effects unreasonable
primary failure poll
race color previous condition
Suits common value controversy dollars
respecting freedom establishment religion prohibiting
manufacture sale exportation beverage concurrent
certain rights disparage others retained
removal resignation confirmation pro tempore
eighteenth repealed possession delivery violation
composed six qualifications requisite numerous

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